Online Banking

Community 1st Bank’s 1st Net online banking offers our clients some of the most innovative and up to date banking tools available today. For starters, everything is online. Transfer funds, and the funds are available immediately. Stop a payment on a check, and the stop payment request is entered immediately.

With 1st Net, you are allowed greater access and greater control of your accounts. You can build in your own alerts, customize loan payments, set up recurring transfers from one account to another, you can even bring up images of checks you have written.

And, if you have a question, you can contact one of our Post Falls or Coeur d' Alene branches directly or email us through our contact form.

1st Pay has features that make it one of the most comprehensive bill pay solutions available. Now you can pay any person or business in North America, even if payees aren't set up to receive direct deposit.

You can authorize payments online and a check, drawn from your account, will automatically be cut. You’ll be able to see when the checks have cleared and can stop payment if you have to.

You can also set up an individual payee list online, scheduling payments can be made at one time, in the future, or on a recurring basis. 1st Pay helps you manage your money more effectively.